Konta zank bertsotan



Zer Joseff, zabaldu al duk mundun zehar nahiko bertso?

Esplikaziyon bat eman nahi badek- hoi bai, kantatzeko baldintzakin- to!

"Kaixo" and welcome to the Basque Country

and where the Basque speakers stay

Here's the chance to_explain what "the bertso" is

the opportunity, let's say.

It's just telling the same thing differently

dear friends and, be that as it may

should we remember, should we remind things

can be told in a different way.

"The bertso" for us is just a word game:

metrics; rhymes; meanings - don't you see?

a funny speech or fine deep poetry

from ourselves or from Bruce Lee

Sung at the very moment or istant

for them, for you -why not?- for me,

Would do understand if I told you that

it could be like instant coffee?

Beste bertsiyo pare bat bazazkat. Bruce Lee-n partez Toffee sartuta igual hobekiyo geatzeuk.